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New Home Builds

Our Philosophy

Our dream is to not only create clean design installations that compliment any new or existing structure but to also do so in the Kiwi way. What started out as a small one man business has now evolved into a family business that strives to offer the best to each and every client and holds every aspect of their work to the highest of standards. With Steve at the helm since the beginning, he has steered Eireann Construction Ltd. in the right direction and a partnership with local suppliers means that we can continue to give our valued customers the very best in quality and service.

So let us take the stress out of building your new home, with transparent and competitive pricing, we cover all areas of construction from start to finish.

We cover all areas of new home builds from start to finish
  • Full contract new builds
  • Labour only contracts
  • Subcontractor engagement & management
  • Decking,fencing, landscaping
  • Any other residential carpentry project

Master Builder Award Winning New Home Build – Welcome Bay

New Home Build – Papamoa

New Home Build – Papamoa

New Home Build – The Lakes

New Home Build – 13th Avenue

New Home Build – In Progress – Papamoa


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Why Should I choose Eireann Construction Ltd. over another Construction Company?

We simply love what we do! We strive to offer our clients the very best advice, price and highest quality of workmanship that you would expect from a committed, professional, approachable and well managed construction company.

What type of work do you do?

We build quality new residential homes, from green field sites right through to the fine finishing. We also take care of minor / major renovations of existing homes and enjoy a bit of landscaping, fencing, and decking – you name it, we build it! We are also the local installer for Outdure Composite Decking systems which carries an incredible 10 year Guarantee!

We also complete small, medium, and large commercial projects – from small shop fitouts, dams and spillways, construction of community recreational reserves, through to large multi-unit townhouses. Steve also has an extensive background in structural steel and concrete construction.

Do you have standard plans?

No, that’s the beauty of Eireann Construction Ltd. – we want to build your dream – so usually we build from your architectural designs or we can simply put you in touch with some fantastic local architects that we have built strong relationships with over the years.

What qualifications do your team members have?

Steve is a Registered Master Builder and holds carpentry and Site 2 LBP Licenses. We employ a team of fully qualified carpenters and currently have two apprentices working towards their full carpentry qualifications also.  We support local and only work with the very best suppliers and subcontractor trades people – this ensures that our high-quality finish promise is maintained.

How do I begin the buiding process, I'm not sure where to start?

In a nutshell, it is 3 basic steps. Firstly, figure out your budget, you may need to discuss financials with your bank manager to get some idea on how much you can spend on the land and how much will be remaining for the actual build. Secondly, get an architect on-board to turn your ideas into preliminary drawings, they will be able to take care of the building consent submission to council and provide us with a set of construction drawings. We can put you in touch with some of the quality Architects we use. Finally, find a quality builder who can guide you through building your dream home… look no further, you have already found us!

How long will it take to build our home?

As a guide, based on a typical 3-4 bedroom single level home, the design and consent process should take about four months and the build should take approximately seven months. However, keep in mind the many influencing factors such as design complexity, weather and availability of selected materials that can impact completion dates. Of course, the earlier you make your design / product / colour selections then the speedier the whole process is. It is important to make these decisions as early as possible, so jump on-line and start getting those ideas on paper now! Obviously, larger complex or multi-level homes may take longer to build.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Absolutely! As a Registered Master Builders we are the only builders permitted to offer their impressive RMB 10-year Guarantee, this offers great peace of mind when you are investing in your new home. Further to this, we swiftly attend to any little defects or touch-ups that may arise after your home is completed.

What type of Contract can you provide?

As Registered Master Builders we have a broad range of nationally accepted and widely used contracts available at our fingertips. These contracts are designed to protect you as the client, and us as the builders, in the very unlikely event that something should happen. There is an RMB standard contract specifically for each different type of project that we provide for such as new builds, renovations, commercial projects etc.

Within these building contracts there are 3 basic payment scenarios:

Fixed Price Contract:  If your drawings are fully completed and you have a fair idea of the finishes required (plumbing fixtures, carpets, tiles, feature walls etc.) then we will provide you with a fixed price contract. We put a lot of effort into quoting our projects accurately, so that our quoted price includes everything you expected.

Charge-up Contract: This contract is generally used where the extent of the works is unclear, unknown, or un-decided. For example, if we were engaged to re-clad a leaking home where it is unclear the extent of rot (if any) will be found when the cladding is removed. We very clearly discuss and agree all rates and charges with you prior to starting and keep open communication along the way.

Labour Only Contract: Under this type of contract you would oversee and manage the building process yourself, where-by you take care of the day to day scheduling and progress on-site, engage and manage all other trades (electrician, plumber, painter etc.) and supply all building materials. We would simply provide the carpentry manpower for the relevant parts of the build.

If you are not sure which contract might apply to your project, then just get in touch and we will guide you through it.

How much does a house cost per square metre?

The impossible question! The cost of a home is decided by you. There are many variables that can influence a dwellings square metre rate enormously, including the design, ground conditions, products selected, exterior cladding, floor coverings, lighting, features and so on. If you have a budget in mind, talk to us to see what we can achieve for you.

What quality control systems do you have in place?

We document and photograph every stage of a project to provide clear evidence of how the build was constructed. We also complete QA check sheets for various parts of the build and compile all this information onto a hard drive for you at the end of the project. Your hard drive will also contain all drawings, building consent files, records of any changes, producer statements, certificates, warranties and maintenance manuals.

Who applies for building consents?

Officially you, the homeowner, however most people appoint an agent which is usually your architect. Very simple and straightforward.

Who applies for the Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC) at the end of the project?

Officially you, the homeowner, however it is much simpler if you leave this to us, we are more than happy to obtain all the documentation from the various sub-trades and submit this to council on your behalf.

Are we allowed through our home while it is under construction?

Absolutely, but with your safety forefront in our minds, upon your arrival you must please make yourself known to our site foreman who will be able to make you aware of the various hazards and escort you through safely. On larger projects we conduct weekly or fortnightly site meetings with all parties to discuss progress, upcoming activities, and decisions.

Will the construction of my home be professionally managed for me?

Yes, we can construct your home from start to finish and manage every step along the way if required. We appoint a full time working foreman who will take care of the day to day and quality control etc. Steve personally oversees and manages every project.

How do i track the progress of my new home?

Throughout the build we will be in contact with you regularly, we will keep you informed of progress, along with future planning and decisions that need to be made.

Are you licenced building practitioners (LBP)? And what does this actually mean?

Yes, we hold carpentry and Site 2 licences. To achieve and retain their LBP Licence, builders need to provide evidence to the practitioners board that they have been continually working in the construction industry, learning new skills, reading the latest literature, improving their general building knowledge and understanding of the NZ Building Code. A large part of any new build or renovation will be classed as “restricted work” and must be completed by an LBP. The LBP will then provide the council with the appropriate documentation so that a “Code of Compliance” certificate can be issued to you.

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